• School Atascocita HS
  • Height 6'0
  • Weight 160
  • AAU Team NA
  • Hometown Humble, TX
  • Grad 2020


  • State Ranking NA
  • National Ranking 85
  • Overall Ranking NA

Profile Report

Basic Details

  • Team TM4
  • # 97
  • POS 1; 2; 3
  • HS Coach Name David Martinez
  • AAU Coach Name
  • AAU Team Name
  • Country United States
  • Final Evaluation Galen Thomas, of Humble (TX) Atascocita HS, is a 6'0 160lb 2020 prospect from our Fall 2019 Houston camp. College coaches on camp staff identified Galen as having college potential. Galen has a good wingspan, which can be more effective with active hands/feet. Additionally, the prospect appears to have solid size for position and should use their size to be a pesky defender. The player does a pretty good job of distributing the basketball. With continued emphasis of seeing the whole floor at all times, that skill will become a valuable asset. In terms of ball handling, the prospect showed a great handle and is on the way to being a primary ball handler. The prospect displayed a good basketball IQ during camp that should continue to improve. Through continued emphasis on making the right play through watching/learning the game, it can be a big advantage in recruiting and separating from others. A big part of IQ is shot selection. Galen knows when there is proper time and space to shoot the ball and should continue develop this knowledge through watching how this is done at various college levels. Making the extra pass and taking only open in-rhythm shots will make this player a joy to coach in college. The prospect was able to consistently knock down shots during camp showing to be a reliable asset. Shooting will continue to develop with form shooting and made game speed repetitions. We recommend making at least 500 game speed shots a day off the screen(curl/fades), off the bounce, spot shooting, etc. The talent was a capable finisher around the rim. With continued work finishing through traffic with either hand, through contact, and developing more finishing moves, the player will continue to be an improving threat around the basket. The talented player has very good athletic ability for size and age. ScoutsFocus would like to see continued development in speed/agility and vertical development. Jump rope drills are great full body conditioning drill we highly recommend if not ready for a rigorous weight-training program. The prospect showed a solid level of strength. We would like to see continued strength development whether it is via traditional strength training means or body weight military type development(pushups/pull-ups). Combined with the player's solid frame that should to continue to build year around, the player will be physically ready to play at the next level. The talent has a decent motor (highly coveted skill by college coaches) and we would like to see them continue to make every possession an major priority and from what we saw, the player showed physical and mental toughness throughout camp. The player showed a great understanding and effort on the defensive side of the ball and should continue to focus on individual and team defensive concepts emphasized at camp. Galen has college potential with continued hard work and development both in the classroom and on the hardwood. Can play the 1; 2; 3. AAU Team: .

Event Attended

  • Event Date Oct. 26-27
  • Event Location Houston