• School
  • Height 6'8
  • Weight 160
  • AAU Team Drive Nation
  • Hometown Lewisville, TX
  • Grad 2022


  • State Ranking 1
  • National Ranking 1
  • Overall Ranking 5

Profile Report

Basic Details

  • Team TM9
  • # 191
  • POS 5-Mar
  • HS Coach Name Brian Muele
  • AAU Coach Name Derrick Shelby
  • AAU Team Name Drive Nation
  • Country United States
  • Final Evaluation Emma Zuberu, of Lewisville (TX) , is a 6'8 160lb 2022 prospect from our Fall 2018 DAL camp. College coaches on camp staff identified Emma as having division 1 potential. Emma has a disruptive wingspan that gives the player the potential to be a lock down defender and can be even more effective with active hands/feet. Additionally, the prospect appears to have great positional size when used properly remains very advantageous on both sides of the ball. The very talented passer does a fantastic job distributing and seeing the floor. The player is always anticipating when and where teammates will be open, a highly coveted trait in the team sport. In terms of ball handling, it was one of the strongest aspects of the player's game. The player makes great use of change of speed and change of direction. Basketball IQ was one of the player's greatest strengths routinely making the right play at the right time. There was a great emphasis on making the right play, which will be a big advantage in recruiting and separating from others. A big part of IQ is shot selection. Emma does an excellent job of shooting the basketball with rhythm and possesses high-level knowledge between good/bad shots. This advantage will continue to develop by watching how this is done at various college levels. Making the extra pass and taking only open in-rhythm shots proved to be a very reliable asset for the prospect. The prospect showed they were an extremely reliable shooter throughout camp. Shooting will continue to develop with form shooting and made game speed repetitions. We recommend making at least 500 game speed shots a day off the screen(curl/fades), off the bounce, spot shooting, etc. The talent did a tremendous job of finishing around the rim through various moves. The prospect showed great ability with both hands and has the potential to finish on any defense. The talented player is an exceptional athlete proving to be an advantage on both ends of the floor having athleticism that is in the upper quartile of competitors. The prospect is very strong for their age. The college game is an entirely different beast so continued strength development is crucial to prepare going against 23-24 year-olds. Combined with the player's great frame, the player will be ahead of schedule in terms of being physically ready to play at the next level. The talent has a non-stop relentless motor that really impressed our on staff college coaches during camp. This is a skill college coaches highly covet and will be blown away watching the talented prospect and from what we saw, the player had a physical and mental toughness that will be coveted at the next level. The player showed they were one of the best defenders both individually and team wise and should focus on their ability to be a stopper this upcoming season as college coaches will love this trait and will help them earn more minutes. Emma has division 1 potential with continued hard work and development both in the classroom and on the hardwood. Can play the 43164. AAU Team: Drive Nation.

Event Attended

  • Event Date Sept. 22-23, 2018
  • Event Location DAL