After becoming an internet sensation which featured him on various websites such as Yahoo! and TMZ, 
Antoine "Miles High" Millien is out of work. We caught up with "Miles High" two days later at his next EBC 
regular season game where he went for 25 points and 12 boards while playing in a grievous state. 

We asked Millien if he would sit down with us for a video interview but he declined stating, "I'm already
in a enough trouble as it is." We then asked if he was a Globetrotter and he responded, "I did play with the 
Globetrotter's." We didn't question further but the logical answer is that when he dunked on TO and became
an internet celebrity overnight, he may have breached a probably contract of not allowing him to play in non
Globetrotter sponsored games.

We filmed his game and his skillset in the post was impressive including jump hooks, spin moves and 
turn around fadeaways. Millien's resume is not shabby at all, he led Idaho State in 2005-2006 in scoring and
set a school record for blocks. Millien was obviously down from being cut from the Globetrotters but perhaps
with his mind boggling athleticism as shown in the TO poster dunk and the skills he exhibited in the previous
video, we can help land him a new gig. Overseas could be a definite possibility and a local NBA team may need 
another talented post to accompany Amare Stoudemire. While the two participants in the world famous dunk
are unemployed, our best guess is that come August they'll both have solid gigs lined up.

Special thanks to EXILE Beats for the incredible beat!

Terrell Owens Dunk Cost Globetrotter Job