Malik Newman is not your average child phenom hype job. Malik has the game to match the statements we made and other well respected individuals have made. Standing at 6’3 and 165 pounds, Malik Newman has been on a one man wrecking tour this spring proving doubters and die hard hoop fans alike that he is, in fact, the next child prodigy to grace the basketball scene. The well quoted and often controversial youth talent evaluator, Clark Francis, made comparisons of Malik to Tyreke Evans. Francis said, “You probably won't win any NBA titles with this guy, but he does have the potential to average 25.0 ppg in The League someday.” Clark’s opinioned nature pushes some to believe he is chronicling Malik’s career as a selfish basketball player that could go on to become one of the All-Time leading scorers in NBA history. These are bold statements considering he has never stepped foot on a high school campus. Horatio Webster, Malik’s father, a former 6'7 240lb star basketball player at Mississippi State, was not fazed by Clark’s opinion nor did he offer a strong rebuttal. Horatio commented, “It’s a great comparison, but I think he has a better jump shot than Tyreke Evans. I can live with that. That’s just Clark being Clark, we don’t put our head down about that.”

Malik Newman has been named the #1 player in the country according to the following premier and well tested youth scouting organizations; Hoop Scoop Online and HYPE Basketball. Malik Newman has the rare combination of athleticism, size, skill level and length. Brian Merritt, the well-versed Recruiting Coordinator of John Lucas Enterprises and former assistant coach to Rick Pitino at Louisville, had the following to say, “Malik Newman is as smooth a prospect and polished a scorer I’ve ever seen coming into high school, and I’ve seen all of them in the last 8 years.”  Vince Baldwin of Nike also lamented the Tyreke Evans comparison to Prep Spotlight. 

Malik’s AAU coach, Omhar Carter of MBA Hoops Elite, said “Right now, Malik as an 8th grader is better than Monte Ellis and Mo Williams when they were the same age.” Coach Carter isn’t blindly making the claim, as he was both players primary hoops trainer while they were growing up in Mississippi. 

Malik’s work ethic is one to behold. He wakes up every morning before school at 4:30 AM, to get up shots, work on ball handling and perform other basketball specific drills. When school ends, he spends another 3-5 hours in the Gym working on his game to whatever extent his homework load allows for. His work has not come unrewarded. Malik recently became the only invited 8th grader to Reebok’s All American Camp, which will feature the Top 100 players in the country. Malik has won a championship in each of his three years of middle school ball, all while only losing one game.

Coach Carter also informed ScoutsFocus, “Malik definitely has offers from most major D1 schools. North Carolina, NC State, Georgetown and Depaul have all said whenever he is ready, he could commit on the spot.” Depaul informed Coach Carter that Malik could start as their PG right now, something their starting junior point guard and former Rivals Top 150 Player, Jeremiah Kelly, would be unhappy to hear. Louisiana Tech also said he would be their best player on the roster, according to Horatio Webster.
Coach Carter made the following emphatic statement to ScoutsFocus to conclude our interview, “If Malik gets anywhere near his Dad’s height of 6’7, he will be one of the greatest players to ever play.” 

Time will be the measuring stick, and Malik is off to races with a great lead and an equally impressive work ethic. 

Meet the Best 8th Grade Hoops Player in the US; Malik Newman
By Joe Davis