Jeff Terrenzio
Columbia, SC 
Game 1:
Vance (NC) 56 – Irmo (SC) 41
Players of Note:
Jordan Roper (Irmo PG 2012) – Roper showed flashes of why many consider him the top sophomore in South Carolina.  The 6’ point guard is a superb athlete and showed excellent vision.  He displayed the craftiness with the ball to penetrate and make things happen in the paint.  Roper was also a menace on defense using his quickness and length to pick up several steals.  He did not have one of his better offensive days, as shots were not falling for him.  However in the past he has proven to be a shot maker and scorer.
Braxton Ogbueze (Vance PG 2012) – Another 6’ sophomore PG was very impressive in the game.  Braxton is a powerfully built guard with the ability to light up the score board or penetrate and set up team-mates.  He can do it all, he is very fast with the ball and regularly puts pressure on the defense in the open court.  Braxton also already has a complete offensive game; shoots from deep, good midrange jumper, gets in the lane and can hit floaters or take it all the way to the tin.  Keep your eyes out for this kid!
Marquis Rankin (Vance PG 2011) – Rankin one of the top PG’s in the junior class nationally had a relatively quiet offensive game, but he filled up the stat sheet with boards, assists, and steals.  Rankin is a tremendous athlete and showed he is able to everything a big time point guard needs to do to have success at the next level.
Chris Farmer (Vance SG 2011) – Farmer came out firing lights out from long range, hitting 5 3 pointers in the game and finishing with a game high 18 points.  Farmer needs to become a complete player, but at 6’4”, good length, and the ability to knock down long range shots while be contested are good indications that he can play at the next level. 
Game 2:
Charlotte Christian (NC)  56 – Trinity Christian (NC) 46
Players of Note:
Damontre Harris (Trinity PF 2010) – Like many of the big name players in this game, Harris did not have his best night.  However he showed flashes of why he is so highly thought of in the 2010 class.  He filled up the stat sheet with blocks and steals and gave his fellow South Carolina commit Anthony Gill plenty of problems while on defense.  Offensively Harris has a lot of room to grow, but his soft stroke, good feet, and athleticism are good indications it will come in the next couple years.
Game 3:
Westlake HS (GA) 81 – Ridge View (SC) 31
Ridge View was a substitute for Lexington Catholic as they were not able to travel due to snow.
Players of Note:
Marcus Thornton (Westlake PF/SF 2010) – The Clemson commit finished strong around the rim all game long, as he and his team were too much for Ridge View all game long.  Thornton is a strong athletic combo forward with the ability to take the ball to the rim and play tough around the basket.  He needs to further develop his perimeter game for the next level, but he has the ability to do so.
Chad Johnson (Westlake SG 2010) – The 6’3” well built wing showed he is a versatile player and should do well for Colgate in the coming years.  He knocked down open shots, penetrated well, and finished with authority in the open court.
Ali Nkosi (Westlake C 2010) – The 6’9” thin big man showed a very soft touch around the rim and ran the floor with ease.  He needs to pack on some weight, but looked like a sure fire low major recruit.  
Game 4:
Christ School (NC) 78 – Norfolk Christian (VA) 60
Players of Note:
Marshall Plumlee (Christ School C 2011) – Plumlee just like his two older brothers continues to improve.  He runs the floor well, his ball handling and midrange jump shot have gotten better, and he works hard in the post.  He does a great job of fighting for position and finishing around the rim.  He did an admirable job playing defense on the smaller and quick James McAdoo as well.
Tony Kimbro (2011 SG), Demarcus Harrison (2011 SG) and Eric Smith (2010 PG) – All Christ School perimeter players made solid contributions and all 3 should be difficult match ups all year for opposing teams.
James McAdoo (Norfolk PF/SF 2011) – McAdoo finished with 19 points but did not have one of his better games.  Christ Schools up-tempo style and got McAdoo fatigued early and often.  There is no question he is very talented, at 6’8” he is able to take bigger guys off the dribble or finish strong inside against smaller opponents.  He showed very good vision for a forward as well and should continue to improve.
Game 5:
Rice (NY) 67 – Taft (OH) 60
Players of Note:
Shane Southwell (Rice SF 2010) – The Kansas State commit is a extremely versatile wing and filled up the stat sheet although he didn’t score much.
Jermaine Sanders (Rice SF 2011) – The junior lead all scorers with 20 proving he can score from rang as well as from mid-range.  
Kadeem Jack (Rice PF 2010) – Jack is a long athletic and active big man that should get a lot of interest before his senior year is over.  He rebounded very well, blocked/intimidated shots and ran the floor effortlessly.  Mid to high majors should take note.
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