2017 Spring California
The rankings were compiled by numerous scouts and college coaches who were in attendance at one of our showcases. For a player to be ranked on this list, they must have attended one of our events.

Most players that attended our events have a highlight video on YouTube under their name and high school on this list.
1IsomButler6'Etiwanda HSCAPG
2Jamal KBogan6'2CentennialCAPF; SF; SG
2TrevonSimmons5'8Weston RanchCAPG; SG
4VernonRobertson, Jr.6'Antelope HSCAPG; SF; SG
4ColemanHayes6'2Sherman E. Burroughs HSCASG
6MatteoJenkinson6'2Notre Dame HSCASG
6MalikSeals-Briones5'7Los Altos HSCAPG
8CesarMezaCentenial HS2017
8 StoneSmartt6'Del OroCAPG
10 ShawnLinn6'3Cordova HSCAPF; SF; SG
11NeemaOnbirbak5'11JSerra Catholic HSCAPG; SG
11JoshuaBoone5'7Archbishop RiordanCAPG
13KeyoniBuitrago5'6Cordova HSCAPG; SG
14JohnCarver6'Murrieta Mesa HSCAPF; PG; SF; SG
15JakeSomers6'2Eastlake HSCAPF
16AlexMorris5'9borrego springsCASF; SG
16HoldenBaxter5'9Sierra Pacific HSCAPG; SG
16CooperMendoza5'10Santana HSCAPG