2016 Rankings New York
The rankings were compiled by numerous scouts and college coaches who were in attendance at one of our showcases. For a player to be ranked on this list, they must have attended one of our events.

Most players that attended our events have a highlight video on YouTube under their name and high school on this list.
1VictorBakre5'2AM 52NYSF
3SeanCrowley6'6Briarcliff High SchoolNYC; PF; SF
4PrinceWhite6'3Minisink ValleyNYPF; SF
4AlexanderSorensen6'3South Side HSNYPG
6DrewBillingsley5'11St. Anthony High SchoolNYSG
6SavionBoissard6'3Valley Central HighNYSF; SG
8Jaison-PatricGordon5'11Valley Stream Central High SchoolNYSF; SG
8DrewBillingsley5'11St. Anthony's High SchoolNYSG
10ZacharyNovick6'4Nyack High SchoolNYPF; SF
11D'AndreMcLamb6'1Seward Park CampusNYSF
11KyleBrown5'11Newburgh Free AcademyNYPG; SG
13AlexanderRomans5'9Salesian High SchoolNYPG
15NykeMcCombs5'8st anthonys high school in jersey cityNYPG
15LucasCheslo-Brown6'0New York Military AcademyNYSG
17NickDeGennaro5'8Yorktown High SchoolNYPG
17GrantDennis5'10Columbia PrepNYPG; SF; SG
17TonyBermudez5'7Rochester Career Mentoring Charter SchoolNYC; PF; PG; SF; SG
20JesseDegraft6'1North Rockland High SchoolNYSF
20MilesDavis6'3Brighton High SchoolNYSF
22StevenLow6'3Albany AcademyNYSG
23MalikDawson5'9sheepsheadbayNYPG; SG
23JordanChilds6'2Wallkill Senior HighschoolNYSG
25QushawnAllen6'2James BaldwinNYSF; SG