2016 Spring Illinois
The rankings were compiled by numerous scouts and college coaches who were in attendance at one of our showcases. For a player to be ranked on this list, they must have attended one of our events.

Most players that attended our events have a highlight video on YouTube under their name and high school on this list.
1MalikFuller6'1Joliet Central HSILSF; SG
2DamionWhittier5'7Rich Central HSILPG; SG
2WestonNottelmann6'1Warrensburg Latham High SchoolILSG
5BenjaminWeber6'1BarringtonILPG; SG
6JoshuaRoberts6'3Westinghouse College PrepILPG; SF; SG
6CanaanCoffey6'1BataviaILPG; SG
6JordenThornton5'10Hartford State HSILPG; SG
9DexterDale Jr6'2J Sterling Morton HSILPG; SG
9KienanBaltimore6'3zion benton highILSF
10DerickDorsey6'4Rich CentralILC; PF; SF
11KurtZachary6'1Crystal Lake CentralILSF
11RobertMitchell6'3Cornerstone Christian AcademyILPG
11AnthonyPerodin5'10Elmwood Park HSILSG
14LambertSayles III5'10Evanston Township HSILPG
14Terrence JSanders5'9Rowe-Clark Math and ScienceILPG
16HunterDecman6'3Boylan Catholic HSILPF; SF
16CoreyBall6'1Warren Township HSILPG; SG
18EmmettFarrister5'8CurieILPG; SG
18SterlingWright6'0Tinley Park HSILPG; SF; SG
21NoahWetzel6'0Normal Community West HSILPG; SG
22JustinGarcia6'3Lockport Township HSILC; PF; SF; SG
22JavaciaeJohnson5'10UrbanaILPG; SG
24LucasLemberg5'10Adlai. E. StevensonILPG
25HaroldCurington III6'2Plainfield EastILPG; SG
26XavierBarker6'1Alraby HSILSF
26JohnLane5'8Crete-Monee HSILPG; SG