2016 Spring California
The rankings were compiled by numerous scouts and college coaches who were in attendance at one of our showcases. For a player to be ranked on this list, they must have attended one of our events.

Most players that attended our events have a highlight video on YouTube under their name and high school on this list.
1RubinMann6'0John C. Kimball HSCAPF; SF; SG
1DwightRamos6'5Mater Dei HSCASF; SG
1PerryDavis6'2Madison HSCAPG
4 GeorgeBrown185Pacific Palisades High SchoolCaliforniaPF
5 JoshuaCurls6'Loyola HS- Los AngelesCAPG
5WilliamLee5'7Edison HSCAPG
5CesarVillanueva5'10Woodland HSCASG
7CameoHill5'11Bellarmine-Jefferson HSCAPG
8NateVan Cleave6'3OakdaleCAPF; SF
9AlphonseManalo5'10Piedmont Hills HSCAPG
12GregoryArmstrong5'8Logan HSCASG
14ChristianAnderson6'4Tustin HSCASF
16LawrenceJohnson5'7Castro Valley HighCAPG
16JohnathonStretesky6'3Notre Dame HSCASG
18Tyler MGreen5'9EnterpriseCAPG; SG
19JonathanLopez6'Inderkum HSCASG
20ArinOvanessian6'Crescenta ValleyCASF; SG
21ThomasGeiger, Jr.6'Yucca Valley HSCAPG; SF; SG
22RonaldKnighten5'11st Elizabeth HighCAPG; SG
23MarjoeDelacruz5'8Morro Bay HSCAPG; SG
25IsiahMartinez6'Vacaville HSCASG
25JordanWilliams6'2Vanden HSCAPG; SF; SG
27KaiTease6'1Antelope HSCAPG; SG
27LuisOseguera5'6Del Mar HSCAPG; SG
29RubinMann6'John kimball HSCAPF; PG
29KevinWilliams6'3Temecula Valley HSCASF; SG
31SheaSueda5'11Fountain Valley HSCAPG
33JoshuaPayne5'10Birmingham Community Charter HighCAPG
33JacobAnderson5'9rancho CucamongaCAPG
33WilliamGundy IV5'7Twentynine Palms HSCAPG; SG
36JaylanLane5'7Twentynine Palms HSCAPG
37RichardPadilla5'9Montebello HSCAPG; SG
37JoshuaSmart6'4Central CatholicCAC; PF; SF
37MankaranSidhu5'7Milpitas HSCASF; SG
40DillonLeibscher6'Palos Verdes HSCASF; SG
40KyleSaunders6'4Woodland HSCAC; PF
42JeremiahPeltier5'3Poly HighCAPG
42AnthonyHeight5'6Downtown Business MagnetCAPG; SG
44AngelVega5'10California Military InstituteCASG
44GrantLomelino6'2Vista del Lago HSCAPG; SF; SG