2015 Rankings North Carolina
The rankings were compiled by numerous scouts and college coaches who were in attendance at one of our showcases. For a player to be ranked on this list, they must have attended one of our events.

Most players that attended our events have a highlight video on YouTube under their name and high school on this list.
1Nicholas "Nick"Johnson6'7"North Raleigh Christian AcademyNCC; PF
2MekhiDula6'6West Caldwell HSNCPG; SF
2JonathonWarren6'5New Hope Christian AcademyNCSF
4JaquanWooten6'7.5South LenoirNCC
5KhaileelDailey6'2MT AIRY HSNCSG
5DevonteBarker6'3Kestrel Heights HSNCPF; PG; SG
7KentrellBarkley6'2Cedar Ridge HSNCPG; SF; SG
9JabinBethea6'0Hillside HSNCSG
10TrevonteDiggs6'3Hopewell HSNCSG
11LeroyMoore, III5'11"Hough HSNCSF; SG
11AaronChristoff5'11"WHITE OAK HSNCSG
13JacarGreen6'0RandlemanNCPG; SG
14KhaileelDailey5'1mt airy HSNCPG; SG
14DavidOglesby6'2Durham AcademyNCPG; SG
16DariusTwiddy5'10Manteo HSNCPG
17JuliusDebnam6'4''Franklinton HighNCC; PF
18TateCoin6'2Veritas Christian AcademyNCPG
19MatthewPowell6'1Phillip O. Berry AcademyNCSG
19JonathanKilumbu5'11Mallard CreekNCPG
21AnthonyRobinson5'9Harding University HSNCPG
21JaredTalley6'2Vandalia Christian schoolNCPG; SG
23QwantariusRhyne6'2SOUTH ROWAN HSNCPG
24RjFilio6'1Porter Ridge HSNCPG; SG
24JeffreyJordan5'11JacksonvilleNCPG; SG
27JoshuaBrunson6'2Dudley HSNCPG; SF; SG
27AndreRichardson6'3"southeast guilford highschoolNCPG; SG
29AustinSprinkle6'0"Alleghany HSNCPG; SG
29JaylanLewis5'10"Lincoln CharterNCSF