2016 Rankings Minnesota
The rankings were for the vast majority, compiled by numerous scout's and coaches with college level experience that attended our showcases. For a player to be ranked, they must have attended one of our events.

1VenkatValluri5'10''EaganMNEagan High School
2SamBaker6'1"AnokaMNBenilde St. Margaret High School
3XavierJohson5'9MinneapolisMNHopkins High School
4ErikDavis6'5HopkinsMNHopkins High School
4JackStensgard6'0"Inver Grove HeightsMNSimley High School
6MartezRodgers5'9Brooklyn ParkMNOsseo High School
7NikKeiler6'5MNBlaine High School
7HamzaHassan6'1SavageMNBurnsville High School
9VincentShahid5'9HopkinsMNHopkins High School
9KyleWilliams5'8MNOsseo High School
9KyleWells5'9FarmingtonMNFarmington High School
12PrinceOnyemeh-Sea6'3Brooklyn ParkMNChamplin Park High School

Watch List:
AnthonyWilliams6'4"VictoriaMNChanhassen High School