1Jawan Evans 5'11 (SC) Legacy Charter
2Gabe Kirk 6'4 Rock Hill(SC) South Pointe High School
3Gage Ellis (SC) Legacy Charter
4Austin Truesdale 6'0 Heath Springs(SC) Andrew Jackson High School
5Robert Styles 5'11 Greenville(SC) Eastside High School
‚Äč6Jamrree McCrorey 6'3.5 Rock Hill(SC) Rock Hill HIgh School
7Darrell Goodwin II 5'5 Columbia(SC) Ridgeview High School
8Jordan McCraw 6'0 Rock Hill(SC) Rock Hill High School
9Malik Stephens 5'11 West Columbia(SC) Whiteknoll High
10Tyler Hooker 6'3 (SC) Hillcrest
11Darrell Goodwin II 5'5 Columbia(SC) Ridgeview High School

2015 Rankings South Carolina

The rankings were for the vast majority, compiled by numerous scout's and coaches with college level experiance that attended our fall showcases. For a player to be ranked, they must have attended one of our events.