1Trevor Anderson 6'0 Gastonia(NC) Gaston Day
2Tyler Creammer 6'10" Parkton(NC) South View High School
3James Dickey, III 6'6" Raleigh(NC) Word Of God Christian Academy
4Joshua Willingham 6'5 Wilson(NC) Community Christian School
5Austin Mitchell 6'5" Gastonia(NC) Ashbrook High School
6DeShawn Patterson 5'9 Lenoir(NC) West Caldwell HS
7Devonte Barker 5'11 Henderson(NC) North Vance High
8Lucas Johnson 6'5 (NC) Mallard Creek HS
9A. Demetrius Troy 6'0 Raleigh(NC) Word of God Christian Academy
10Derek McKnight 6'1 (NC) Gaston Day
11Andrew Evans 5'10 (NC) Millbrook High
12William Crandell 6'6 Bethel(NC) North Pitt
13Charles Minlend 6'3 Harrisburg(NC) Northside Christian Academy
14Mykel Hart 6'3 LaGrange(NC) Kinston High
15Kowaan Barnes 6'0 Winterville(NC) South Central
16Edward. G Smith 6'0 Concord(NC) Cox Mill high
‚Äč17Mike Lee 6'0 (NC) Durham Jordan
18Lucas Sasser 6'3" Raleigh(NC) Broughton High School
19Jordan Leaphart 5'11 Charlotte(NC) Crossroads Charter Hs
20Micah Smith 6'1 Goldsboro(NC) Eastern Wayne HS
21Aj Sanders 6'3" Winterville(NC) The Oakwood School
22Holden Poole 6'4 Advance(NC) Davie County High School
23Nolan Benson 6'2 Lexington(NC) Lexington Senior High School
24Tavarus Peterson 5'10.5 Raleigh(NC) Sanderson High
25Armani McCoy 5'8.5 Carthage(NC) Union Pines High
26Tyler Packer 5'11 Pinehurst(NC) Union Pines High
27Maurice Butler 5'10 Mount Olive(NC) Southern Wayne high School
28Jeffrey Jordan 5'10 Jacksonville(NC) Southwest High School
29Jawan Chambers 5'11 Cedar Grove(NC) Orange High

2015 Rankings North Carolina

The rankings were for the vast majority, compiled by numerous scout's and coaches with college level experiance that attended our fall showcases. For a player to be ranked, they must have attended one of our events.