NYC’s famed IS8 league may never witness a tandem as Ryan Harrow and Jelan Kendrick. The small Jamaica Queens gymnasium hosted a pair of future All Americans. Harrow with his blazing quickness, acrobatic finishes and AND1-esque flair for the game while Kendrick showcased his sweet shooting stroke and ability to play all five positions on the floor. 

Harrow a HOOPMIXTAPE legend, created buzz in NYC not seen since the days of Bassy (Sebastian Telfair) while earning the nickname “The Magician”. Harrow dazzled fans and opponents alike with his high flying finishes, flashy passing skills and crossovers not seen since the days of the AND-1 summer tours. He will have the RBC Center rocking next year along with incoming frosh Lorenzo Brown and a possible late addition of the high flying and dynamic developing combo forward CJ Leslie.

Harrow’s mother Fern, is from Jamaica Queens and they used the tournament to play in front of 20+ relatives each game, who hung their breath on every scintillating move Ryan made on the court. “The Magician” played four games and had 16 points the first game, 33 points, 12 assists, 5 steals the second game and finished with 25 the third game. The fourth game, Harrow injured his wrist and had to stop playing after tallying 6 point and 3 assists in the second quarter. Harrow didn’t seem too down about the injury and felt he will be back pretty soon. 

On another note, ScoutsFocus asked Ryan’s Mother; Fern, about CJ Leslie joining Ryan at State. She just said they consider CJ a family friend and never pressure him either way. Not from the Harrow camp, but there have been rumblings that CJ will commit in the next week with NC State, Kentucky and UCONN being in the mix. Another possible late addition for State is a long time pack recruit; Tashawn Mabry of Rocky Mount High (NC).

Normally we would talk about Jelan Kendrick’s abilities on the wing. However that characterization severely limits what Jelan showed all weekend. He played the one through the five and impressed with his fine tuned abilities at each position. Kendrick blocked countless shots, drained threes as if he were shooting into the Pacific and attacked the rim with reckless abandon leaving a few unlucky NYC guys on future Kendrick posters.

This was the most aggressive we have seen Kendrick play in the last year and he has improved his strength as well as his outside shooting. Kendrick also played very unselfishly while dropping numerous assists to his teammates while making the most of his scoring opportunities. Kendrick rounded out his first three games with 24, 31, and 15 points respectively while dropping 31 points on 12-17 shooting (6-10 from 3),  5 assists, 6 rebounds, 1 steal, and a block in his fourth game. The current class at Memphis is without a doubt, the top recruiting class in the country. 

We also had a chance to sit down with Kendrick:

SF: How did you enjoy teaming up with Ryan?
JK: It has always been reported to be a battle about who is number 1 player in the state and it is good to finally be able to play together. When we played together out here, it looked like we had played together for a long time.  We have always talked growing up about representing the state as the next Kobe and Lebron. 

SF: What do you want to accomplish at Memphis next year?
JK: I want to get my team ready for the season, get my body ready to play and stay injury free and build team comradery. 

SF: What are your thoughts on playing with Joe Jackson?
JK: We won the Adidas 64 tournament which is one of the biggest tournaments in the country. We know how to coexist with each other.

SF: What did Coach Pastner sell to you on coming to Memphis?
JK: He just said to come in and play hard, go hard in practice, do what were supposed to do, we could be a legendary team. Kendrick also added that he thought they could be a legendary team like Kentucky this year but possibly win a Championship.

Harrow and Kendrick’s team; Sean Bell All-Stars finished 4-0 during the weekend. They won their division and advanced to the IS8 playoff’s in May. 

Other Talented players who played at a high level throughout the weekend were the following: Eric Ferguson (GA Southern 2010), Dominique Ferguson (FIU 2010), Byron Allen (George Mason 2010), Anthony Ireland (Loyola Marymount 2010), Jameek Riviera (2012), Malik Gill (2012), Shaakir Lindsay (2013), Tyreek Jewell (2013), Marcus Romain, Myles Mack (2011), Kyle Anderson (2012), Fuquan Edwin, Sasha Clarido (2010), Jeffland Neverson (2012)

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Please excuse the horrible quality below. Tired of seeing the highlights, I picked up my Blackberry and luckily caught a few highlights. Notice "The Magician" references at the end.

Ryan Harrow, Jelan Kendrick sails past competition at IS8