Run Down: Part I
by: Jeff Terrenzio, February 16th

Many scholarship level basketball players (Division I and II) were on display this past weekend at the Martin Luther King Center in Lenoir, North Carolina. During the seven games of basketball on Saturday, some of the stand outs players are as follows:

Game 1: Patterson School B Team (NC) vs. Heat Academy (VA)
Myles Holley (Heat Academy)- Holley, a 6'4" shooting guard displayed above average athleticism during the game. He was able to take the ball baseline on a couple of occasions and finished with slams. Holley also showed a nice release on his jump shot and is capable of knocking down the three ball. Holley is a bit on the thin size and could benefit from a good weight training program, but the ability is there for low major basketball.

Davis Martens (Patterson) - Martens is a 6'9" PF, with a nice frame. He showed some versatility in this game, hitting a couple turn around jump shots in the post and stepping outside to knock down a three pointer. Martens has a nice release, with plenty of rotation on the ball. He needs to develop his post game, but did show progress from the last time I saw him; using his left hand (off hand) around the rim. He is not a dynamic athlete, but does run the floor well and is fluid in his movements, but he is not an explosive leaper.

Patrick Beverly (6'5" SF, Heat Academy) - Beverly is a strong, fairly versatile wing player.
Isaiah Nunn (6'6" PF, Patterson) - A fairly athletic forward, could be a D-II / low major player.

Game 2: Evelyn Mack (NC) vs. Covenant Christian (GA)

Demitrius Conger (Covenant) - Conger, a 6'6" wing forward is headed to St. Bonaventure to play his collegiate basketball. Conger is a versatile wing, who is solid in a lot of areas but will not "wow" you. He is creative getting to the hoop, utilizing spin moves and good footwork. He has above average handle for a forward, and above average vision, capable of running the point in short bursts. He is not a dynamic athlete and needs to continue to work on his outside shooting. Overall Conger has a really nice feel for the game.

DeCario Tidwell (Evelyn Mack) - Tidwell is a 6'6" combo forward. He has a great frame and strong build, combined with very good athleticism, which is his most impressive asset. He was very successful penetrating into the lane and drawing fouls, utilizing his quick first step. He also displayed a solid turn around jump shot in the post. Due to Evelyn Mack only having 6 players on the team and counting on Tidwell to play every minute, he was forced to pace himself at times. That said, he can be a very good hustle player for a D-I school. If Tidwell improves his handle and outside shooting, he could be even more.

Alex Jackson (6'5" combo forward, Evelyn Mack) - He is a strong, tough interior player, who has great footwork driving to the hoop from the elbows extended.

Game 3: Edison Prep (NJ) vs. Massanutten Military Academy (VA)

Rashard McGill (MMA) - McGill a 6'5" wing is headed to Coastal Carolina where he should have a nice career. He was very impressive on the defensive side of the court, forcing two 5 second calls early in the game. He was not overly aggressive on the offensive side of the ball (his team needed him to take more shots), but did show a capable outside shot and a solid handle. He has a slight build, but has clearly been in the weight room and he is also an above average athlete.

Madut Bol (Edison) - Bol is the son of former NBA shot blocking great Manute Bol. Madut is a very long athletic power forward, who stands roughly 6'9" (no he does not have his father's height). Bol is quick, runs the floor very well, jumps pretty well, and is very active. He is not as thin as his father, but is very slender; he needs to add weight and muscle. He also showcased versatility, connecting on a high percentage of jump shots in the game and even a three pointer. His shooting form still looks like a work in progress (release is nice, a lot of rotation, very high arc, the motion from the catch to the shot is awkward), but the end result was positive in this game.

Adam Young (Edison) - Young is a 6'8" 225lb face up power forward. He did not have a great game, but showed he was comfortable taking long range shots, as he shot and missed on a lot of three's. He also showed he is a strong area rebounder on the defensive side. He is a step slow and plays below the rim, but should be looked at by low major programs.

Rashaad Lucas (6'2" PG, MMA) - Lucas is a stocky, powerfully built point guard, who uses his body well, but struggled at times against high pressure D.

Game 4: Apex Academies White Team (NJ) vs. Patterson B Team (NC)

Quality Education Academy out of NC, who has a team chalked full with D-I talent, was scheduled to play in this game, but they were replaced by Patterson's B Team (played their 2nd game of the day).

Robert Ellis (Apex) - Ellis is a 6'2" quick, athletic point guard. He showed a strong handle and vision throughout the game. He was at his best penetrating to the rim and finding his teammates. He did not look for his shot from the outside much, but when he did shoot it, it looked like it had potential.

Eric McAlister (Apex) - Eric is a 6'7" face up power forward. He had a nice looking jump shot, but did not find the hole much in this game. He was fairly athletic, moved well and with solid leaper. Overall he clearly did not have his best game, but flashed D2 or better ability.

Game 5: Queen City Prep (NC) vs. IMG Academies Prep Team (FL)

Milton Chavis (QCP) - Chavis is an absolute steal for the University of Buffalo. Chavis who spent last season being the third or fourth option for Word of God (John Wall, CJ Leslie, etc...) is now the man at QCP. He is 6'5", long, very athletic, and a great frame. He is at his best attacking the basket in transition, where he uses his length and athleticism to his advantage. He took several outside shots and was not connecting, but with some work, that could become a solid part of his game as well. He was able to handle the ball in transition fluidly. He needs to continue working on his jump shot and making his teammates better.

Jerome Hunter (QCP) - Hunter is a 6'10"-6'11" center. He moves well, gets up and down the floor without holding up his teammates. He is fairly long, but needs to add strength to his rather thin frame. He showed a soft touch and release from the foul line and looked capable of shooting a high percentage from the line. He needs to work on his post game and strength.

Lien Phillip (IMG) - Phillip passes the eye ball test with flying colors. He is all of 6'9", big, strong, and athletic. He is not a big time leaper, but does run the floor very well. He showed that he was an aggressive rebounder (rebounded the ball well in traffic and outside of his area). He was able to put the ball on the floor, drive to the lane and hit a lot of short jumpers in the paint. His post game seems to be a work in progress but his physicality and aggressiveness on both ends of the court bode well for this sleeper.

Jeremy Edmonds (6' PG, QCP) - Edmonds is a quick point guard who penetrated well and had a nice stroke from long range.
Game 6: Apex Academies Red Team (NJ) vs. NC Tech (NC)

Eugene Teague (Apex) - Teague is a man amongst boys on the prep scene. At 6'8" 280lbs, Teague uses his size to his advantage. He is a classic post player in terms of his offensive game having an array of drops steps and head fakes and finishes with both hands around the rim. Teague can even put the ball on the floor; handles the ball fairly well for a big man. He needs to get into better condition which will in turn help him rebound the ball at a better clip. Eugene plays below the rim, but should have success at the low major level.

Khalil Murphy (Apex) - Murphy is a 6'7" 230lb Small Forward. He is big, strong, and pretty athletic. He was an absolute beast on the boards, which may be the reason Teague lacked the aggressiveness that I would like to see going after rebounds. Murphy was more than capable handling the ball in transition, splitting defenders with the dribble and made very crisp passes. He showed a lot of range on his jump shot, knocking down a couple of three's, but was at his best taking the ball to the hoop and utilizing his size and athleticism. He displayed great hustle all game long and has the look of a high major basketball player, despite mostly receiving mid major interest.

Devin Williams (NC Tech) - Led NC Tech to the victory. Williams is a 6' strong, athletic point guard. He handled the ball very well, and attacked the rim all game long. He was able to find open teammates off his dribble drives and was capable of knocking down three pointers (needs to improve consistency). Williams best asset was his combination of strength and breaking his defender down off the dribble; he displayed a nasty cross over and is a D-I lock.

AJ Roberts (NC Tech) - Roberts proved to be a very versatile player. AJ is a 6'4" wing, who is very athletic. He rebounded the ball very well on both ends of the court, battling bigger, stronger players all game. He often dribbled the length of the court off his rebounds to either finish at the rim or dish to teammates. He shot well from the line, but did not take outside shots during the game. With a consistent jump shot, he could be a nice fit at a low major program.

Dom Youmas (6'10" PF, Apex) - A work in progress, but long and displayed an excellent three point stroke during pre game.

Malcolm Pope (5'11" PG Apex) - Pope is thin, but strong, quick with the ball, nice vision, good penetrater and finisher. He needs to improve on his decision making and outside shooting.

Game 7: Paterson Prep Team (NC) vs. NIA (NJ)
Davis Laury (NIA) - Laury a Western Kentucky Commit is a solidly built 6'7" combo forward. He is fairly athletic, versatile, and active. He rebounds the ball well in traffic and battles underneath. He needs to improve his outside shot and his shot from the foul line, especially since he is capable of drawing many shooting fouls.

Joe Swift (NIA) - His last name fits him well, Joe is very swift. He is a quick, shifty, 6' point guard. He penetrated well, found open teammates and showed a feathery three point stroke. He is capable of hitting from several feet behind the three point line.

I won't talk about the Patterson prep team, as they receive plenty of press. They have loads of talent and are probably going to finish the year as the # 1 prep team in the country.
Patterson Tournament 2009