Best Leaper: 5’9 Peyton Siva. Siva’s vibrant personality was evident during the McD’s practices and game and he also possesses one of the top vertical leaps in the country.  Click HERE for the Hoop Mixtape video of him dunking at the final practice. Avery Bradley won the dunk contest but Siva seemed to have the most hops in this group.

Nicest Kid: 6’9 Milton Jennings. Jennings, a Clemson commit, was the most friendly and calmly demeaned player in attendance. He might want to get a mean streak at the next level but was a pleasure to be around all week.

Most Dominating Player: Derrick Favors, a 6’9 Georgia Tech signee, finished his solid weeklong performance with a 19 point and 8 rebound effort in the McDonalds game. His athleticism and strength were unmatched and projects to be a lottery pick next year. Earlier this year, we saw DeMarcus Cousins dominate Favors, but after this performance, Favors took the edge back.

Most Intriguing: John Henson, a 6’9 Carolina signee, is rail thin and looks as if he is going to project to the three spot at Carolina. His ball handling ability and his supreme athleticism will create a dangerous mix at Carolina next year.

Best Shooter:  Shooters were not at a premium this week, but Maurice Cheek fit the model as a high caliber shooter. Cheek should make an immediate impact from deep at the next level.  Xavier Henry, a Memphis signee, came a close second in the shooters category. Henry is a great athlete who can mix it up inside or outside on the offensive end. 

Most Ready: Lance “Born Ready” Stephenson has been ready since an early age and produced a solid week long outing that has been suspect in his game in the past. “Born Ready’s” body type and scoring ways were unmatched among the other top ranked guards in the 24 member crew. Derrick Favors and DeMarcus Cousins belong in this category as well.

Most Improved: Keith “Tiny” Gallon, a 6’10 300lb Oklahoma Commit, belongs in this group due to his revolutionary weight loss which has allowed him to play more possessions. We saw him earlier last year at Boo Williams where he led a dominating individual performance over Boo’s high caliber program.

More Notes:

Mason Plumlee’s (Duke) dunk over John Henson(UNC) in the Final practice session was ferocious. Travis Wear, a UNC signee, went back and forth to Plumlee on the break early in the McD’s game. This is probably the only friendly encounter the two will share in the next few years.

Peyton Siva’s (Louisville) 360 lay-up was NBA Jam-esque. The crowd was not pleased when Siva was taken out after the Sports Center Top 10 Play.

Xavier Henry, a Memphis signee, and Demarcus Cousins, a Memphis commit, will open back up their recruitment after John Calipari leaving to Kentucky.

Kudo’s to the McDonalds crew for keeping the group on lockdown in the hotels as the “groupies” were already out in full force!

East 113  West 110 

Notes from the McDonalds All-American Game