Day One of King James showed well for many rising seniors. Mychal Parker, playing with a loaded Ohio Basketball Club, gave a spectacular performance. Ryan Harrow, Dakota Ewton and G’Lawn Guyn were other notable prospects playing for the Ohio squad.

Parker, a 6’7 slashing wing, brought an instant burst of scoring and defense off the bench. He scored around the basket using a wide variety of tools including an 8 point spurt giving Ohio Basketball Club a lead which they were able to hold throughout the game. Parker showed he could defend multiple positions well, a trait to be cherished at the next level. One impressive sequence was when he blocked two consecutive three-point shots and then finished the play on the break with a smooth one hand slam. Parker proved his worth and with continued performance of this caliber along with adding a consistent jump shot, his stock could jump to being a top 10 national prospect.

Ryan Harrow, an ultra smooth and talented 6’0 NC State PG Commit, played the role of a team first point guard. Harrow spent his time on the court doing the things a PG must do to win. Harrow showed he could be a pass first point man while pushing his effortless scoring capacity aside. Harrow provided instant spurts to his team as he came in several times with a close game on hand before checking out with a 10 point lead. Harrow finished with 7 points but got to rim at will and set up his teammates for wide open threes and easy buckets all night. His scoring will definitely pick up as well, as he did lead the Atlanta area in scoring all year. Parker and Harrow will be a duo to reckon with all weekend.

Dakota Ewton, a 6’8 2010 former Kentucky commit of OBC, had an off night. Ewton rebounded well and showed he had a few nifty post moves in his bag of tricks. Ewton has a good body but is not very athletic. He did knock down a midrange two but overall his shot was off. Ewton looked to be a possible mid level pickup.

G’Lawn Guyn, a 6’2 SG of OBC, proved to be an effective scorer from deep and at the cup. He has good bounce and solid handle and looks to be a likely mid-level pickup.

Raheem Thompson, a 6’6 PF of Towson Catholic and Crusader Nation Gold, proved to be an excellent prospect as well. He has a good frame, is athletic, draws contact well and can knock down a mid range jumper. He stands right now as having mid major upside.

Allen Payne, a 6’4 2010 skilled wing from the Queen City Prophets, got to the cup well, could handle the ball and was able to find the open man. He is a mid-level prospect.

Kenny Knight, a 2010 Kent State commit playing with the Queen City Prophets, was an absolute steal.  Knight a 6’6 PF, is really long and athletic and rebounded extremely well. Knight also showed the ability to step out and hit the three.

Positive Direction had a couple 2010 mid level caliber prospects. Roland Brown, a 6’8 C from Christ the King, has a big time frame to go along with soft hand and an ability to pass the ball from the high post. He definitely passes the “looks” test but we look forward to seeing him more. Maurice Barrow, a 6’4 SF from Christ the King, is a lock mid level recruit. He is a long athlete with fair ball handling and is able to proficiently find the open man. He pivots to the basket well from the high post and seems to always make the right move, whether to attack the cup for a finish or finding the open man.

Chaston Harris, a 6’4.5 2010 prospect from Pittsburgh, PA and Ozanam AAU, has very good upside. He is a definite D1 prospect with excellent athleticism. He is a slasher with big time bounce and can put it on the deck somewhat as he handled the PG duties at times. He projects as a SF at the next and his shot does need refinement.

BJ McBride, a 6’6 245lb C from Ozanam AAU, is a likely low level pick-up but could end up going the football route. McBride uses his body well and aggressively. Along with his great frame, he is long and has a proficient touch around the rim. 

Evan Scott, a jet quick 5’8 PG, is really undersized and small but really pushes the ball up the court in a hurry. We saw him in limited action and he looks to be a D2 caliber player but will end up going the JUCO/Prep route.

King James Rising Stars 2009
Joe Davis