Post Grad:

Jamario Clayton (5’10” PG) – Clayton is a very strong, athletic point guard.  He can knock down outside jumpers and handle the ball pretty well.  His biggest strength is his toughness and tenacity on defense.  His offense still needs further refinement.

Corey Whitehurst (6’7”PF/SF) – Corey is a long, fairly athletic, combo forward.  He is trying to transition his game out to the wing.  He is capable of hitting outside shots and shows a quick release, but the release and form still need more work.  He can handle the ball some on the perimeter as well.  Unfortunately he did not play hard 100% of the time and often took defense off, which is where he could make a bigger impact on the game.


Jerry Coriolan (6’6” SF) – Coriolan is a fairly athletic wing forward.  He was very active on the court; handling the ball and taking it to the rim.  He needs to work on his jumper and ball handling to keep defenders honest, as he tried to force his way to the rim too often.  But overall was successful scoring around the tin.  He ran the court well and was at his best in transition.

Jahmad Saleem (6'0" PG) -- Saleem is a pass first point guard that is really quick. He built a reputation as one of the top PG's in GA and brought that reputation up with him. Hustle and intensity are two of his strongest traits. Recently committed to Alabama Southern Community College.


O’Rian Hughes (6’4” SG) – Harrison is a strongly built, very athletic wing guard.  He has the ability to knock down outside shots, as well as penetrate and finish at the rim.  He displayed a mid-range jumper and three point range.  Adonis put on a dunking display in transition, often finishing with jams on the break and in traffic.  With his strength, versatility and athleticism, he has definite D I upside.

Thomas Lubeski (6’9” PF) – Lubeski is a competitive back to the basket power forward.  Lubeski works very hard underneath rebounding and defending.  He showed a turn around jumper on offense, but his overall offensive game needs to develop further.  Thomas is an average athlete; able to run the floor smoothly, and has good size.  He must improve his strength, to further improve his niche as a “do the dirty work” type of player.

Ryan Harrow (6’ PG) – Harrow was the best player in camp.  He is a thin Johnny Flynn (Syracuse) with more range.  Harrow is definitely on the thin side, but he is super quick with the ball, very athletic, and has a pretty stroke with range.  He could not be stopped all day, displaying big time scoring ability along with flashy passes.  NC State should be happy to land Harrow, as long as he can handle the physicality at the next level.

Luke Davis (6’ PG) – Davis is a heady point guard.  He is very quick with the ball and shows an outstanding handle.  Defenders had a hard time checking Davis off the dribble.  He displayed great vision and a streaky shot which can be deadly at times.  He has quick hands on D and anticipates passes well, picking up steals.  Davis is not a top tier athlete, but makes up for it with his vision, handle, and basketball IQ.

Mychal Parker (6’7” SF/SG) – Parker is a very athletic, strong wing.  He reminds us of a right handed Jeff Robinson (Memphis, but is transferring).  Parker has the ability to transition to shooting guard spot full time if he tightens up his handle, as is, he has the size and athleticism to play SF in college.  He shows a nice release from the outside, but is at his best attacking the rim.  He was able to finish while absorbing contact at the rim regularly.  Parker is a high major lock.

Larry Brown Jr (6’6” SF) – Larry is an athletic versatile wing.  He is a well built kid, who is at his best attacking the rim.  On defense he showed some shot blocking ability.  He needs to work on his offensive skill set; dribbling and shooting, but has ability to do a little of both at 6’6” was encouraging.  

Bruce Duke (6’1” SG) – Duke is a undersized shooting guard who showed impressive athleticism; a very quick leaper.  He was at his best breaking guys down off the dribble and finishing at the rim.  He knocked down some shots but that is still a work in progress.  I would like to see more of Duke.

Reynolds Maharajh (6’1” PG) – Reynolds is a pretty quick point guard capable of knocking down threes and running an effective offense.  He made some careless passes during the day, but is a better player when on a team he is familiar with.

Eric Howell (6’9” PF/C) – Howell is a very long and thin big man.  He runs the floor well and is pretty athletic.  His athleticism and length make him an effective rebounder and shot blocker.  But he needs to get stronger and further develop his offensive game.


Aaron Roundtree (6’6” SF) – Roundtree is a long, pretty athletic, versatile wing.  Aaron has a good basketball body and would benefit greatly from some weight training.  He showed the ability to handle the ball, often bringing the ball up the court on fast breaks.  He was overly reliant on his right hand and needs to improve his shooting, but there is a lot of upside from this young man.  

Tyrese Little (6’7” PF/SF) – Little is a long, thin, combo forward.  He showed a nice release and very good rotation on his jumper, which he was able to hit from mid range.  He also showed some ball handling ability.  However he worked mostly in the post using his long wing span to rebound and block shots on D.  He is pretty athletic and smooth; running the floor well.  He needs to get in the weight room, improve his conditioning and develop an identity on offense.

Will Wentz (6'4 SG Cox HS, VA) - At a time when big shooting guards are at a minimum, Will came in and showed why he has made a name as the tidewaters most pure and dead-on three point shooters while also possessing the skill level to score slashing to the basket. As a 6'4 195lb 2011 shooter, his next level status will be from a host of schools due to his good body type and pending how athletic a player he develops into. Wents has a nice release and range to go along with his jump shot. Wentz was able to score several easy buckets by being in the right place at the right time and is one player that we look forward to monitoring over the course of the next three years.

Josh Hatch (6’ SG/PG) – Hatch is a stolidly built combo guard, with a smooth stroke and release.  Hatch did not have a huge camp but showed signs of a very nice looking shot, athleticism and strong body.  We would like to see more of Josh.

Michael Tyson (6’7” PF) – Tyson is a strong, rugged power forward.  Tyson did not show a lot in the way of offense, but did battle underneath and rebound well.  He must develop an offense game, as his only buckets came off of offensive boards, but there is always a place for this type of player on a team.

Terry Williams (6’4” PG) – Williams was very impressive all day long.  He is a big point guard, with great quickness and ability to get in the lane off the dribble.  He showed excellent ball handling; often breaking his man down off the dribble, penetrating, getting to the tin or dishing off to teammates.  Williams needs to finish at a higher percentage but the ground work is there.  Terry showed the ability to knock down an outside shot or two, but must work on his release, to keep defenders honest.  Defensively he has ability to be special with his size and quickness on the perimeter.

Shaleek Shellbee (6’7” PF) – Shaleek is a pretty long, athletic PF.  The lefty did knock down a mid range jumper, but his shooting is a work in progress.  Shellbee is pretty raw yet, but runs the floor very well and jumps well.  With further development there is quite a bit of upside here.

Joshua McRae (6’1” SG/PG) – McRae is a solid built point guard, with good athleticism.  He played with a lot of fire and energy and stepped his game up against the better players like Ryan Harrow and Luke Davis.  He hit some outside shots as well as took the ball to the hoop strong, finishing one break with a right handed slam.  He played out of control at times, trying to force drives to the basket.  He could benefit from tightening up his handle and learning to play at different speeds.


Montrez Harrell (6’7” PF/SF) – Harrell was one of the most impressive players at the showcase.  He is a well built combo forward, who should be able to transition out to the wing if he doesn’t grow more or become an athletic face up power forward if he grows a couple inches.  Harrell is bouncy, cleaning up misses with dunks on a regular basis, and did not back down from older players.  He showed the ability to stroke it out to the three point line, but his shot still needs work.  He also showed some ball handling ability, but again is still an area for improvement.  Harrell will play at the high major level.

Levion Hines (6’2” SG/PG) – Hines is a versatile combo guard, with the ability to knock down outside shots, break his man down off the dribble, finish with floaters in the lane, or even follow up misses with jams.  Hines is athletic and more of a scoring guard at this stage in his career but showed a strong enough handle and court awareness to play point down the line.  Levion is thin but has a good basketball body for a young man and should get stronger as he gets older.  He still needs to further tighten up his ball handling and court awareness to transition to the point full time.

Madison Jones (6’ PG) – Jones is a quick, thin point guard, who handles the ball against pressure and plays older than his age.  He knows how to find the lane and attack, but must learn how to finish better at the rim.  He is currently at his best running the offense and looking for his own offense second.  Madison needs to add weight and muscle to his frame, which will come in time.  There is a lot to like from this lead guard.
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