With over 150 players in attendance, we will not even attempt to pretend we evaluated everyone, however there were some under the radar players and some not so under the radar players that caught our eye.


Joshua Clyburn – The 6’8” forward from Victory Christian Center in NC had a great showing.  He is coming on late in the game, but he shows mid major plus upside.  Josh showed very good athleticism, running the floor, blocking shots, rebounding the ball, and throwing down dunks.  He even shows some perimeter game, but his bread and butter is his athleticism around the hoop.

Joel Kindred (Word of God, NC) – Kindred is a 6’4” wing with big time athleticism.  He showed flashes of what he can do athletically.  Very good in the open court, the long wing attacks the hoop and can potentially become a fantastic defender.


Tyler Poole (Hickory HS, NC) – The 6’6” Ole Miss Commit was knocking down long jumpers and attacking the basket off the dribble.  This was the best we have seen him and he showed why he is taking his game to the SEC.

DeAndre Alston (Rocky Mount HS, NC) – A 6’3” very strong combo guard had a nice showing.  He is powerful, he is versatile, and he is tough.  He was able to penetrate to the hoop, find open team-mates, and knock down long jumpers.  Alston is a very nice looking sleeper.

Anthony Estes (Victory Christian Center, NC) – Estes is a fairly versatile 6’7” forward.  He played with great energy around the rim and proved he could put the ball on the floor for stretches as well.  Victory Christian should have a nice front line this year with Clyburn and Estes.


Waymond Wright (Word of God, NC) – Wright showed he packs a nice punch for a little guy.  The 5’10” PG showed he can be a true lead guard and has a soft stroke from mid range.

Tyler Brunson (Mt Zion, NC) – Tyler was one of the biggest surprises of the event.  The 6’6” wing has great length and showed a potent stroke at times.  He has the look of a future SF and high level player.

Jaquantis Pinder (Phillip O’Berry HS, NC) – Another big surprise for us, the 6’2” guard displayed super energy, lock down defensive ability, and a nice shot that he hit from long  range.  He played in attack mode every time we saw him and was very impressive.

Calvin Davis (Phillip O’Berry HS, NC) – The strong lead guard, like his teammate Pinder was impressive.  He is very well built for his age and showed all the qualities you look for in a point guard.

Jason Croom (Norcross Hs, GA) – Croom is a very well built PF/SF.  He showed great athleticism and if he improves his perimeter game has the ability to transition outside and become a dynamite player.  His skill set has a lot of room to improve.

Bryce Benjamin (Northeast Guilford, NC) – The strong 6’3” SG/SF showed an absolutely gorgeous stroke from distance.  He played hard around the hoop, used his strong upper body to create room for himself and displayed a plus midrange game.


Antonio Davis Jr (Greater Atlanta Christian, GA) – The son of former NBA PF Antonio Davis, is more in the mold of Jalen Rose than his pops.  Junior plays out on the wing and the lefty showed a solid handle, mid-range game, and athleticism.  

Tyrek Coger (Upper Room Christian, NC) – Coger is a 6’8” large body C.  We would like to see him improve his athleticism, which is likely to happen as he matures, as he is fairly well built.  Upside is the key word for this kid.

Nate Burch (Vance HS, NC) – Burch is a very long 6’4” wing.  He showed flashes of promise with his length and athleticism.  Still developing his game, but has a lot of promise. 
Elite 75 Prep 2009 Run Down
Jeff Terrenzio
Charlotte, N.C.