1Christian Freeman 6'4 Sulphur(LA) Sulphur High school
2Bruce Murray 5'7 New Orleans(LA) Lusher Charter School
3James Harvey 6'2 Amite(LA) Amite High
4Drapper Anthony 5'7 St.Martinville(LA) St.Martinville Senior High
5Edward Powers 5'7 Baton Rouge(LA) Woodlawn High School
6Keitha Bonhomme 5'9 St.Martinville(LA) St.Martinville High School
7Jermel Andrus 5'6" Lafayette(LA) Lafayette High School

2015 Rankings Louisiana 
The rankings were for the vast majority, compiled by numerous scout's and coaches with college level experiance that attended our fall showcases. For a player to be ranked, they must have attended one of our events.